It’s oh so quiet

I don’t appear to be writing much do I? There’s a multitude of half written posts sat in my drafts but I’m lacking the words to finish any of them.

Everything is a bit…blank at the moment. I wouldn’t necessarily say I feel bad; I’ve certainly felt much worse. But I’m not feeling great either. I’m not feeling much of anything at all. Never quite sure if I find the indifference worse than the pain. It’s the prolonged nature of this lack of anything that I hate. At least pain spikes.

Probably not a coincidence that running isn’t going well. I was written off with lurgy last week and easing back into it is proving difficult. My inability to give myself a break either physically or mentally is a bit of a downfall. Trying to force too much on myself too soon and expecting myself to be brilliant because nothing less will do. I’m needlessly frustrating myself and smashing my confidence in the process.

Keep moving slowly forward, this too will pass soon. Normal service resuming shortly.

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