Hello. That up there would be me, wearing some appropriately awful and neon running kit. I suffer from moderate to severe anxiety. In order to combat that anxiety, I began running. This blog is part mental health, part running, and a smidgen of anything else I feel writing about.

I’m 28 and live in London but I’m originally from the coast and still desperately miss the sea (it’s the smell). I work in business development for an international law firm. I can also be found on Twitter where I talk about mental health, running, other nonsense but really will spend most of my time making sarcastic and occasionally witty comments about what I’m watching on tv. Want to see my happy, if slightly sweaty face, and how the routes I run are awesome? For that, you’ll want Instagram.

Likes: The sea, cheese, The National, overly bright running kit, macarons (lemon ones plz), whisky (Scotch), the sun, other people’s pets, hoarding cookbooks, quoting the lyrics of Taylor Swift as if they’re life advice

Dislikes: Anxiety, mushrooms, cider, rain when I need to be outside, marmite, mayonnaise, the sound of packing tape being ripped off the roll

The tagline to this blog is a lyric taken from The National’s “The Geese of Beverly Road”. The title of most posts are song lyrics, so there’s a fun game for you.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi nice to meet you sorry you have anxiety. I have anxiety and Bipolar. Writing and walking is how I deal with it. I am writing a new book that has helped me. I also relate to your post I withdraw from friends, spend time at home and don’t get out enough. Hope you feel better!


    • Hello, you too! I agree that writing is a huge help – glad you have found things that help. It’s finding that difficult balance between knowing when you really do need a bit of time to yourself, and making sure you do socialise! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

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      • Thanks in this book I am doing now I am trying to focus on the more positive events of my life but still have to add some downer parts but my sister and I make up songs together for the book so I think that will be a great feature. Yea you are right like today I wanted to write more chapters but I needed time to myself. Yea I got to get out and socialize writing a book for a new friend in Megan is a good icebreaker. As long as I am writing I am doing pretty good.


  2. I empathise with so much you have said. Just caught your blog through timetotalk campaign. I’m a runner too and I am two years into my battle with depression, one which started undiagnosed many years earlier.

    I started a blog that I occasionally return to, and its title was Together we fall apart, a line from a Strokes song, and each post or nearly all has a song title. Uncanny!

    Keep sharing, keep running and keep fighting.



  3. Hi there,
    just wanted to say I came across your blog by chance today via the Edinburgh parkrun facebook page and find your writing excellent, honest and very helpful. I am in some ways in a similar situation to you, also 26 (27 in 3 days!) and took up running when living abroad to deal with anxiety issues. Instead of going back to antidepressants I am going down the CBT route now. I am 100% convinced that running has enabled me to not resort back to anti-deps. I want to say thank you for discussing this issue openly in your blog, I feel it will really help others! For me it felt good to read your posts and to identify with what you say.
    Keep up your good work and I look forward to reading more!
    on on!


    • Thanks so much for the kind words Lindsay! So glad you found it helpful, feels worth baring my confused little soul for if anyone gets anything at all out of it! Posts lined up for the future on my experience with meds and therapy, but I’m fairly sure I’ve got more out of running than any traditional treatment.


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